Born in Adelaide in 1955, the son of Russian post war emigrants, he now lives in Ivanhoe, Melbourne.

His high school passion in Adelaide was photography – using his dad’s Leica IIIc Rangefinder camera. Tony, Victor’s brother also a keen photographer, enabled them to enjoy many long printing sessions in their home darkroom – the laundry. When Victor was 13, he  won numerous school photographic competitions and founded the  Adelaide Boys High School Photography Club. But he chose to follow an IT career eventually moving to Melbourne in 1979 working for Fosters Brewing (back then it was CUB). In 2003 a wine consulting business opened numerous travel opportunities to France where he began to capture unique landscape images of the Champagne region. The passion to catch the unusual and quirky image had returned and digital photography allowed him to push the boundaries even further.

Vic came across some interesting photos at Apte Cafe in Fairfield, Melbourne in 2007 and then some superb black and white canvas photos in a New North Gallery Exhibition in late 2007.The canvas medium inspired him and he was determined to hone his skills and produce something of artistic merit. So much so that New North Gallery were happy to host his first full exhibition of large canvas works at the end of 2008. It was here that the editor of Australian Photography Magazine – Robert Keeley first saw his works, and published a six page article about Victor in the April 2009 issue. Further exhibitions were held at New North Gallery in 2009 and 2010, and a large volume of French and Paris images were exhibited at Chez Olivier Restaurant in Prahran.

Many images are now in the hands of private collectors. All being signed and certified with limited editions of ten.

His artistic style can be described as ‘minimalist naïve’.

Landscape images appear to be of major interest but not by design. Victor likes the subtle changes in light across a valley or a sea, or maybe the solitude of a lonely tree on the horizon. Architecture is also of interest with ‘high dynamic ranges’ images starting to take his interest.

His style emphasises light and shade, hard versus soft with bold contrasting themes and colours. Contrast and sharpening can be enhanced or subdued. An artist who paints with a brush has the advantage of incorporating style, perception, emotion, detail, blur – so as to convey their ‘vision’. Victor’s photography attempts the same.

The printing media of preference is canvas. Traditional ink-jet paper framed behind glass has too many reflections both internally and externally. Canvas is a pure medium – available directly to view – with no barriers. The Canvas is poly/cotton blend – and then sprayed with two layers of a satin UV protection coating. The archival/conservation rating of this material is in excess of 100 years. All images are printed on Canon Wide Format printers using Lucia Pigment inks.

Since 2004 an interest in wine has allowed Victor to branch into a consulting business specialising in Champagne importing. This and interests in local Victorian vignerons have allowed Victor to collect a dossier of images relating to wine and its people. Images have been used in Decanter Magazine, Gourmet Traveller and others.


2008 New North Gallery Fairfield – Landscapes and Visions
2009 New North Gallery Fairfield – Asymmetry
2010 Chez Olivier Prahran – Paris and France images
2010 New North Gallery Fairfield – combined – new images of France and Paris
2011 Pantechnicon Gallery Daylesford – exhibition of 30 works.
2012 Photonet Gallery – Textures – exhibition of 22 works.
2014 Photonet Gallery – Open Prize Winner
2015 Magnet Galleries – Paris Exhibition
2015 Errazuriz Wine Photographer of the year
Errazuriz Pink Lady Wine Photographer shortlist 2014,2016
Epson Panorama Awards Medal Winner 2014
April 2009 – Australian Photography Magazine Review